Sunday, 8 May 2011


The after-match celebrations on the pitch of the Stadio Olimpico showed just how much Milan's 18th title meant to everybody at the club and just how much there is a sense of belonging to the red and black stripes.

No other team deserved the scudetto this season. The Rossoneri surveyed the rest of Serie A from their lofty perch from November onwards, and never looked like being toppled.

Four victories over Inter and Napoli put paid to the nearest challengers' chances.

Max Allegri has emerged as another exceptional choice of coach by Adriano Galliani. The CEO was delighted that - with local elections around the corner - the Berlusconi family released some much-needed transfer funds, which were invested wisely.

The old guard are at a crossroads: Massimo Ambrosini is determined to reach an agreement to stay on, Rino Gattuso admitted he is tempted by Anzhi Makhachkala's mega-offer to play in Russia, while Andrea Pirlo and Clarence Seedorf are happy to wait and see what the future brings once the season is over.

However, what Allegri has demonstrated is that he is capable of handling big egos, blending youth and experience and more simply that he can just simply get on with his job and get it done without any fuss.

Congratulations, Milan.


Jessica said...

Allegri's touchline manner reminded me a bit of Ancelotti's - unflappable, unemotional. He's even got a bit of that errant eyebrow thing going on...

This Pirloista will be heartbroken if Pirlo leaves Milan. He's the reason I'm a Milanista to begin with. Whatever strongarm techniques Galliani used to convince Rino to stay last year, I hope he dusts them off again.

calcio and coffee said...


Brace yourself, of all the senators coming to the end of their contract, it is Pirlo who seems less suited to Allegri's up'n'at'em playing style.

The droll midfielder from Brescia may entertaining some new team-mates next season with his unique brand of wit. A double act with Crazy Little Peps or a move to Spain where his technique and vision would be made welcome?

Jessica said...

It seems hard to judge how Pirlo would fit into Allegri's squad, given how much of the season he spent recovering from injury. I know Pirlo shuffles rather than runs, but at this point I'd like to cling to whatever small hope exists that Allegri sees a place for him going forward...