Saturday, 14 May 2011

For Exor’s sake

"We have to evaluate everything, we even have to evaluate this eventuality.

"We could even weigh up the possibility of taking the other four main teams to play in another league, maybe France or England."

Andrea Agnelli, Juventus president, at opening ceremony of photography exhibition dedicated to the two years of work to build the new Delle Alpi stadium, 11 May, 2011.

“If we reach an agreement, we’ll start production in 2011. If not, we’ll go elsewhere.

“If talks with the trades union fail, we could go to Serbia or Poland to assemble the new Panda.”

Sergio Marchionne, FIAT CEO, travelling to San Clemente, exclusive island in the Venetian lagoon, for Exor Italian-US think tank, June 6, 2010.

A striking similarity in the two statements.

The most recent was made following the vote to back the Smaller 15 clubs in Serie A’s definition of the word supporter, which will have a bearing on how much less TV money Juventus, Inter, Milan, Roma and Napoli receive.

The latter came before a vote taken by FIAT assembly line workers at the Pomigliano d’Arco factory near Naples over proposed new working conditions.

"Buffon? Great player, unfortunately we haven’t seen him play for a year and a half.

“Will Delneri stay at Juve? Why, don’t you like him?"

John Elkann, Exor and FIAT president, at a meeting with young publishers at ‘Grow between the Lines’ convention in Bagnaia, Siena.

The final quote bears no resemblance to that made by his cousin or his close friend at the vehicle manufacturer, but at least it shows more than a glimmer of irony.

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Anonymous said...

Juventus had this coming all along, they need to focus on getting a new coach, and a few new players who can motivate them to better performances.
I think they should consider Gianfranco Zola for head coach!