Thursday, 5 May 2011

The man who would be king

Who would have thought seven little words in fifteen seconds would lead to fifteen minutes of fame?

Okay, it wasn’t up there with “One small step for man ...” but having yelled “The King of Rome is not Dead” or to be more precise “The King of Rome is not Dead: Francesco Totti” after the AS Roma captain scored his second goal in the derby against Lazio in March life has been a little different than normal.

There had been a surge of interest on youtube and an upping of friend requests on Facebook, but then last Sunday when the man himself unveiled my words on a t-shirt he had personally designed no less, well events took on a more surreal turn.

Waking up bright and early on Monday morning and switching on the TV to find out that America had finally got their man was quickly followed by a channel hop to Sky Italia’s 24-7 sports news SkySports24 where lo and behold there was non-stop coverage of Totti and the T.

Of course everyone wanted to know who had uttered such words now immortalised on a T-shirt so there was heavy rotation of the moment where along with my co-commentator Patrick “The Voice” Tarroni I had through no forethought entered the lexicon of AS Roma footballing moments.

After trawling through my twitter account @RichWman on air, Sky Sports were on the phone asking for a live interview and from there it was on to a phone interview with the daily newspaper dedicated to all things Giallorossi, Il Romanista, and all before an afternoon coffee.

In between answering calls and fielding texts from friends there were more radio requests before finally finding a quiet moment, but this weekend I am off to the Capital to commentate Roma-Milan and who knows I might meet the man himself – and you never know he might want me to sign his T-shirt.

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eXistenZ said...

Who wld hv thought! And it was during the Derby Della Capitale. Makes it even special..

That T is a hot item. Seems like i cnt get it as they only sell it in Italy.